Tim Cartmell BJJ Brick Podcast

tim cartmell

Brazilian Jiujitsu instructor Tim Cartmell is interviewed here at BJJ Brick. 

Tim is the chief instructor at the School of Budo, where I train. We sought him out for his unique approach to BJJ. Though Tim teaches many sport competitors, and coaches MMA fighters out of Ace Jiujitsu, his emphasis on fundamental self defense skills informs his overall approach to BJJ.

Training with Tim offers a unique perspective on BJJ and physical performance, for competition, self defense, and health, borrowing heavily from his training and experience in neijia (Chinese internal arts) and sanda (Chinese kickboxing combining striking and wrestling), and even arts like sumo (“one of the most combative grappling arts out there.”)

This interview offers his perspectives on stand up training, BJJ schools and self defense, and training for different competitions or just to get better.


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