Principles vs. Techniques


3 thoughts on “Principles vs. Techniques”

  1. Great thoughts! At my agency being a firearms instructor means I get even less on-duty training time. Our one of our firearms training day coincides with a defensive tactics update. I haven’t been a student in a agency DT class for quite some time since I’m busy with students on the range or in the classroom.

    I finally got to break free for a bit to participate on some control holds. The control holds and transitions to different techniques/take downs weren’t as exciting as rolling BJJ on the mats, but they were simple and effective…and yet I would still need way more reps than the agency will give me to be proficient at them… The DT instructor’s explanations on principles and techniques were spot on and made sense, and yet I still needed constant correction on the few nuances of the techniques. Plus there was no aliveness in the training, just drilling against a mostly compliant partner.

    That experience opened my eyes a bit more to what I’m dealing with as a firearms instructor–a good explanation is only the beginning. Students need constant feedback on their technique, whether it’s through resistance or being coached by an instructor.


    1. Yes – exactly the way skills should be learned and developed – something mankind has known for millenia. And isn’t it interesting that our firearms instructors are not training with DT instructors, and vice versa, developing layered, integrated, and mutually supportive skills?


      1. LOL, yes, cross training is one of the many projects I hope to take on…we have at least one instructor who knows enough about both our firearms and DT programs to help bridge the gap.

        I definitely need to learn more about what DT is teaching. I thought just because I train BJJ and have done boxing that I’m good to go on the DT side. I believe you’ve written something to the effect of “sport context doesn’t always directly translate to what a cop needs on the street.”


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