Breath Control

Video Courtesy of the Chicago PD.


” … eventually things boil down to who YOU are and how you respond.

You need to maintain the ability to adapt and make sound decisions. If you find yourself screaming at threats (posturing stemming from fear), you have no breath control.

If you are huffing and puffing , before the engagement even unfolds, you have no breath control.

If you have never thought about your breath, you have no breath control.

No breath control results in you having no mind control.

No mind control results in you having no body or equipment control.

This sends you into a potentially vicious death spiral.”

Commentary Courtesy of Ken Good, in Strategos International’s Strategies of Low Light Engagements.

The breath control here is not remedied simply by “working out.” It’s not remedied by doing burpees or a Crossfit workout prior to a string of fire. Those kinds of drills are valuable because they make you in better shape, but they do not teach you to control stress.

These officers are screaming not because they are out of shape – they are sitting in a vehicle nearly the entire time, and only actually physically active a very short interval.

And yet their verbals (note the almost automatic, unison chant “shots fired at the police! shots fired at the police!) grow progressively worse as their psychological stress mounts – they are under fire and at real risk of death here.

Note someone on the radio asking them “where you at?” Very common with stressed out cops just repeating canned language (verbal templates are not always good when they take the place of actual communication…) and not using language relevant to the situation at hand…

At the end one is screaming, and all notion of a tactical approach is thrown out the window as they rush up.

Loss of breath control, loss of body control, loss of mind control.

We cannot afford to lose control, least of all of ourselves.


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