Ankles – Hips – Shoulders – Grip

Ankles, hips, shoulders, grip….

Engaging the ground path to transfer and  receive recoil energy.

Placing the eyes where they need to be in order to see what you need to see to drive the weapon and intent… Not some mystical weapons art or ninja skill, this is modern firearms instruction.

If you don’t think shooting is truly a martial discipline, you aren’t training it correctly.


Keith Tyler ( was out for a day on the range. Keith holds a Grand Master card in Open and a Master card in Limited, Limited 10 and Single Stack shooting competition and is an accomplished 3 Gun competitor as well. He’s also a colleague, a nineteen year police officer and long time police firearms instructor.

I’ve had the privilege of training privately with Keith, training with him in a professional setting, in the tactical team setting, and in actually teaching him in other subjects. As with all the best teachers, he is a consummate learner first, and with him you get the sense that you are not simply being taught “at,” but that he is alongside you on a shared journey.

He has a great perspective that balances perfectly the different worlds of competition and tactical/combat shooting. He’ll note that what he does is not tactical, but more about learning to shoot faster and more accurately on demand, and then point out that the best tactical and combat shooters go to the best competitive shooters to learn to shoot faster and more accurately….then apply it to their own realm of expertise.

Keith shares great stories of some of his missteps and resultant training scars on his path to Mastery, so that the student can learn from his mistakes. He has an ability to observe you and correct just one or two things for an immediate improvement noticeable down range. He corrected me on things that I know he had already taught me – more than once – and that had me thinking too much I forgot yet other stuff! Keith caught it all and helped me shoot better. And to be a better shooter in the long run.

If you ever have the opportunity, train with him. Just wait until I can schedule more privates, though, I don’t want his calendar filling up!




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