Killing Trucks by Marcus Wynne


A great post on Killing Trucks at Marcus Wynne’s blog. Addresses issues of awareness, normalcy bias, and mental and physical preparation as well.

Only thing I would add is to remember that when taking out the driver, you are taking out the only control of the vehicle as well. If it has not wrecked already, its going to… which may or may not be a good thing in that very moment.

If possible  – and this is very, very, unlikely I know – pick your spot as well. Clearly if he keeps going and keeps mowing people down at the street fair, or getting out of classes or at the concert, or the Saturday Market, stopping him takes priority regardless.

In past events in the US and in Israel cops have climbed onto tanks and construction equipment to end such rampages.

By the way Wynne uses the term “Left of Bang.” If you haven’t read the book by the same name, get it. It’s decent.


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