Cop Criticizes Gracie Survival Tactics

At Jiujitsu Times a Facebook Fracas is being highlighted when Fletch Fuller, a BJJ black belt and veteran LEO and trainer, took GST to task…

While personally I’d like to see a bit more substantive a critique, I do like an officer challenging the status quo, and there is a strong element of marketing in the GST Breakdowns. Props to Rener for putting his money where is mouth is and inviting Fuller to free training AND paying for the flight – I’d jump at that.

That honestly could have a positive outcome for BOTH sides.

I’ve never done GST, I know some who have, and heard different things. Personally watching some of Rener’s Breakdowns and what he shows, I think some of GST is fine, and some needs some tactical tweaking: you never see him in actual gear, he still uses submissions and gives up position where it is not tactically sound (making it not so different as ping-pong is from golf), etc. Nothing new to anyone reading here.

But Rener at least seems open to an exchange of ideas.

A question arises: Rener writes:

Fletch Fuller Unless you’ve done GST with me or Ryron, you haven’t done GST. The course is free regardless of whether you love it or not. Also, we’ll pay for your flight and your hotel. You have nothing to lose.”

Uhhhhh, if that is the case what then are the GST certified instructors teaching? What, then, are they being certified in?

The comments on the JJ Times article at least are hilarious. I avoid Facebook, and can only assume they are likewise there.

I applaud both men: Rener Gracie who, despite whatever marketing angle there is, seems to legitimately care about LE and society enough to publicly bring up some critical issues regarding police training that do not receive enough attention from those within the police community, and offer a workable alternative…

And Fuller, a veteran cop and trainer who cares enough to publicly bring up his concerns. One can only hope more comes of this.

My challenge to Rener would be this: As you have “put up” and challenged Fuller to learn more about GST, you can do more and become a reserve police officer. Your intelligence and enthusiasm on this subject, as a layman, is a worthy endeavor and perfectly in keeping with the spirit of jiujitsu as a defensive art. I think the LE world could only benefit as you gained direct experience and felt what it was like to face the challenges we do not on the mat, but on the job.


2 thoughts on “Cop Criticizes Gracie Survival Tactics”

  1. I’ve done the GST course and I considered it a waste of time and money. Advertised as a 50 hour course yet they sent everyone home at lunch time each day so they could teach seminars in BJJ clubs in the afternoons and evenings (as per the schedule on their website, but we were told it’s because we were all performing so well…. no doubt they were telling the civilian clubs how they were in town to train LE as some bade of honor….) The material was not LEO specific at all. There was about 70 variations of BJJ techniques shown and constant talk of “my cousin used this move in the UFC” and irrelevant shit like that. I’ve done dozens of use of force instructor courses and I’m pretty sure the GST course would be the only one where I have walked away with an INSTRUCTORS certificate to teach techniques I’d seen a couple of times and barely performed if at all. Easily one of the worst courses I’ve ever done and the experienced trainers in the group agreed. Having traveled a long way at my own expense that was very annoying and I basically consider it fraud. The only people impressed with the course were the kool aid drinking fan boys who turned up already wearing Gracie t-shirts and asking for autographs. By no means is this program the gold standard for Police and Military training. If their family didn’t stage the first UFC they wouldn’t have the celebrity status to pull this shit off.


  2. Albert – wow that’s too bad. Thanks for the review.

    An odd thing it is, even some very experienced cops and trainers can advocate for things from this or that tradition or discipline, even when a much more tactically sound or workable option exists from the very same system. Just ‘cuz someone’s a cop, or even when they are and a black belt, doesn’t mean they are thinking tactically. I’ve seen a good dude teach a drop spinning knee bar as practical for defensive tactics.

    The business practices you mention are disturbing – hope that’s not the standard.


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