Dark Holes

“All Dark Holes Have Guns.”

Ken Good, Strategies of Low Light Engagements.

Reflecting on this during events of the last few weeks. Ken talks about dark holes having guns when he is explaining the second principle of lighting, Operate from the Lowest Level of Light.  He and his crew developed the idea working in the darkened below decks of ships: I’ve trained on ships as we have a small commercial port in our city and include this as part of our yearly training rotation in the event something occurs there: the surfaces are very hard and irregular and the holes are very dark and there are a lot of them.

We deal with dark holes in our day-to-day as well. Take a look at the front of your house, for example. In the light of day, walk outside and take a look at how many dark holes you see staring back. How many of them could someone be standing in, a few feet back from the window, and watching you while completely unobserved?

Or at night, how about with your security lighting? You pull into the driveway and the motion light goes on, lighting up the front of your garage, the interior garage light goes on, and the person inside a darkened upper story window can watch you in the Pool of Light while they are unseen by you.

Live out in the country? The long driveway through the woods, to the clearing, by the creek?

Your home is an Island of Light surrounded by a Dark Hole, which has eyes, and could have guns. I have the experience of that all the time, inserting at o-dark-thirty prior to warrant services- even watching folks shooting heroin at a drug house just prior to the announcement of police, they completely unaware anyone was outside the window. Once of them even looked outside directly at the team walking up, and saw nothing. And once I had the surreal experience of standing outside a window in the pitch darkness of a starless night, with no outside lighting at all at a house surrounded by pastures, looking into the lighted bedroom where a suicidal man was laying behind a bed, wedged between the edge of the bed and the sliding mirrored doors of a closet. We were a few feet off the window and in complete darkness, but could see his feet, and his position through a partial reflection in the mirror. And that he had a rifle and that the muzzle was probably in his mouth. We could not see his head or face but only the top edge of his arm and shoulder and leg, and his feet were directly visible from the other side of the bed. Never knew we were there.

There are more – tinted windows in vehicles are dark holes, potentially very dangerous ones.

Or shiny ones, where reflection and glare prevent seeing inside. Like sometimes at a storefront, and depending on the angle of observation. Always remember just because we can’t see outside-in doesn’t mean they can’t see inside-out.

Window coverings as well are either opaque or covered holes, and one can peek through a hole in blinds while standing right up against them while no one outside can see in.

Just an observation  – there, I did it twice in one post – of things that we must repeatedly remind ourselves of. Or make those around us aware of, whether family members from a self protection point of view or fellow professionals dealing with reports of violence and guns inside darkened environments.  I’d recommend Ken’s book as a good place to start for more information on operating with and within the dark and the light. But the best of practice is in keeping such things in mind in the every day.


4 thoughts on “Dark Holes”

  1. Great post… as for the book… $99.99 is damn pricey. I’ve good so far this year, but i”m pretty sure that before Santa comes in December I’ll not be in the $100.00 book range of goodness. Are there other good books at a more affordable price that you would recommend?


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