Efficiency vs Efficacy

From Robert Drysdale:

Robert Drysdale on the Future of Jiujitsu: Part 1

Part 2

Part III

“Take Helio Gracie’s classic battles with the Japanese in Brazil. There was much debate surrounding these matches. Helio, who had a clear preference for a submission-only style match, refused to fight the Japanese under a point system that would clearly put him at a disadvantage. The Japanese, being superior on the stand-up aspect of the game, wanted their takedowns to be rewarded. Helio, in his turn, knowing that his closed guard was perhaps his best tool, took the opposite view.

Perhaps the best example of this are his two battles against Yassuiti Ono, a Japanese immigrant and student of a Kodokan graduate Kanemitsu Yaitibe, the man who is said to be, alongside Tsunetane Oda, behind the “sankaku-jime” or triangle-choke (Serrano, O liver proibido do Jiu-Jitsu vol.6 pag. 397). In their first encounter, Ono threw Helio a total of thirty-two times (O Imparcial, December-8th-1935). In their second encounter, he threw him twenty-seven times (Correio de S. Paulo Oct-5th-1936). These matches however, were officially ruled as draws. It is obvious why Helio preferred a no-point system against the complete Ono. He would also go on to challenge Helio for a third match, this time with a point system in place (Diario Carioca Oct-8th-1936). There are no records of him ever receiving a response.”


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