Tactical Tani

A foray into video demonstrations with the Tactical Tani-otoshi…

What makes it “tactical” versus just any old throw? This variant avoids the “sag and drag” style which drops to the floor and pulls the subject down with you –  instead, it is more a back foot sweep that allows putting the opponent to on the ground first, with the thrower on top for control, while retaining hand control/monitoring ability.


For the blog followers here, let me know of there are problems, my tech-fu is limited…


2 thoughts on “Tactical Tani”

  1. This is interesting. I use the original throw in HEMA long sword sparring on big guys when i get to their back at grapple range. I cannot remember its name in medievel ringen. I will try this variant on weds night. Thank you.


    1. I’m sure it appears across cultures – and in armed contexts.

      My goal is to not go to the ground before or alongside the opponent, which too often is defaulted to. I believe this is more problematic within a weapons based context, when wearing armor and gear as well. Technically not a tani otoshi, but utilizes the same basic movements.

      BTW reviewing it I talk about the pike, that’s with the non-underhook to the head not the elbow tie. Brain fart.


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