The Coordinator


Ellis Amdur, a crisis intervention specialist with whom I studied the classical Japanese tradition of Araki-ryu for several years, and still a mentor and guide in terms of the modern application of elements of the classical martial ethos, has just published with Robert Hubal The Coordinator , in which they “share their decades of experience working with law enforcement and military personnel in training and assessing social interaction skills, particularly in ‘high-risk, high-consequence’ situations. ”

Ellis writes that what he brought to the project “was a combination of several decades front-line work in crisis intervention informed by core principles derived from classical Japanese combative arts. Within these archaic traditions lie profound teachings on applied psychology within dangerous situations.”

I was honored by the invite to offer some input on this book, and am glad to see it now published.

Communication skills within high risk encounters, and within teams and even ourselves during same, are often the most critical element in negotiating such events across the spectrum, from the talking to the tactical.








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