Dojo TO Street…

Soul Fighters showing a good defensive/combative application of De La Riva to sweep to standing:


The rest of the Soul Fighters channel is on-point as well.



4 thoughts on “Dojo TO Street…”

  1. Cool Beans my friend, this is an interesting YouTube channel.

    I was at an Instructor Course the other day at SCSO up north here and in the class was someone from your agency. Do you mind me asking what your agency uses for DT/CT? Hope you don’t mind the off topic question. Feel free to edit my reply here as you see fit before posting it to your must-read blog.


      1. It was a Krav Maga LE Instructor Course. Honestly, it felt more like woman’s self-defense course to me than a LE course. by that I mean, there was a huge focus on dealing with chokes that I do not think LEOs experience in the street. In the manual, the verbiage went from “the officer should…” to “she should…”. Complaint cuffing was done so the palms faced together when cuffed and two of the total of three take-downs taught were “single wing” and a “double wing”. Sure there was the usual amount of Krav’s kick em in the boys and they will fold techniques as well. But hey, I got T-shirt.


  2. Wouldn’t be the first time LE has swiped one manual, changed some wording, and used it for a course. Often there is a failure to appropriately adapt the material.

    I did one krav course on gun defense at an Arrestling conference many years ago that I thought was pretty good.


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