Own It


Jocko owns it in this powerful talk.

The Tactical Professor Claude Werner is one of the few (only?) people who has addressed the concept of Negative Outcomes in defensive shooting situations – well they loom in combat and tactical situations as well.

And what do you do when something like that occurs? Many people would take the path Willink rejected – to freak out, blame others, or shirk responsibility to protect their own egos and positions; still others would fold within themselves, spiral downward into panic or inertia because what had happened was not what they thought, until that awful moment they realized it.

Ever had that moment? When the stakes were high, the consequences very real? It is not a pleasant experience and I can see how some would freak or fold. But in those moments, and in the aftermath, is where we find out true mettle, resilience, and leadership, as Willink did.

Feel his emotion here. He owns that as well.



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