A Happy Anniversary

Ten years ago today,  almost to the hour as I tap this out, I barely escaped being shot to death during a crisis entry hostage rescue operation. In many ways that operation could be seen as a failure.

A “negative outcome.”

Instead I have come to see it as definitive. The first day of the rest of my life, a life that changed a great deal in light of that experience.

Most clearly defined was the juxtaposition of the different strains of training and practice I’ve pursued over the years, before and  since. The mental and physical elements that go above and beyond “techniques.” Modern and traditional approaches, which I have struggled at times to reconcile – dissatisfied with this or that take, always looking toward something else to meet my perceived training goals  – only to look  back and find they were being served all along, and that the seemingly discrete, even incompatible paths I trod were in truth two sides of the same coin.

Of  course other areas of my life were impacted, to the point that great changes ensued in fundamental ways. But this thing of ours in terms of martial and tactical training is so fundamental on so many levels that I keep coming back to the lessons  it offers.








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