“The Benefit of Jujutsu”


“A westerner once said, “if you combine a robust physical form with a vigorous mind you will end up with a body that is strong and a mind  that is active. Such a person would be able to succeed at any endeavor that they choose to embark on.” The success or failure of a country also depends upon the robustness of its people. Though there are all manner of methods by which one can strengthen the body, there are none that can exceed the benefits of Jujutsu.

This Jujutsu of which I speak contains the essence of the military techniques, the martial arts of Japan. Through the techniques of Jujutsu one can craft a body that is strong and healthy while the mind is conditioned to remain tranquil. Should an incident occur let there be no doubt that you will be able to control the unexpected both deftly and nimbly. There are two precepts within Jujutsu that can be of great benefit. The first corrects the fundamental character of a person’s physical form. Then thru Jujutsu that person will be able to topple larger and stronger foes easily and fluidly. Another aspect is making use of the eight Kentai, or strikes with the body and the long and short sword, and striking the six Kyosho, or vital points of the body, to easily subdue and tie up a stronger opponent. It is for this very reason that I once again state that you should endeavor to strengthen your body.

In addition, those employed as police officers often must make use of these techniques when subduing gangs of lawless ruffians and binding them with cord. In the past training in and study of Jujutsu was of upmost importance to such persons…”


The above is from the introduction to Eric Shahan’s translation of Tetsutaro Hisatomi’s Kenpo Zukai, also titled “The Police Officer’s Essential Illustrated Guide to Kenpo,” originally published in January 1888.

It’s a fascinating book.





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