Miscellaneous Stuff…

Congrats to School of Budo members Jeff S, Matt G, and Shane M on their purple, purple, and blue belt rankings at Ace Jiujitsu!


And heads up, Mark Brinski is bringing his Handgun Skill Builder course to Vancouver WA again in February, 2018.  Get with Sporting Systems to sign up. Training with Mark will immediately improve your shooting skills and weapons manipulations – I know he has mine!  Look for some additional coursework forthcoming for handling full spectrum force encounters.


Been busy, so have not been posting much lately. I have been editing and revising some older posts here, as well as culling some of the fluff.  Take a look back!

Planning a semi-open class in the New Year addressing the use of clothing in street applications: t shirts, hoodies, pants – and why there are some differences with sport that some of the experts simply never address when hyping jiujitsu for self protection…If you are lying on your back trying to “choke” people with their t-shirt, you are doing it wrong, and asking for trouble.

We will be addressing cloth for leverage in standing throwing, grounded sweeps, cloth strangles, cloth in control and defense against biting and spitting, and some problems in transferring sport skills to “da streets” 🙄 considering position, decision making, threat assessment and use of force articulation. Probably at least a four hour class on a Saturday. Let me know here, or email, or PM online if you’d be interested.

You’ll need to bring a few old t shirts and hoodies that you don’t mind being trashed in the course. No zippers, please, we will talk about that. And a rash guard for underneath.



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