Establish your grip, see your sights, PRESS…

Another great day of training with Keith Tyler of Tyler Firearms Instruction.

I learn every time I train with Keith, whether in the privates I’ve taken or the group lessons or targeted team instruction. He’s a phenomenal resource to have on hand. His combination of practical application of sports performance theory and shooting performance drills speaks to the part of me that is aways asking “Why?”

Even when I should be probably be concentrating on the what and how…

What strikes me is that every time I learn from Keith, he’s learned.¬†He is constantly training and studying to improve his discipline. He talked today of taking several months each off from doing any competing or teaching in order to engage in continuing education: reading, taking classes, experimenting with the teaching and views of others on high performance shooting to glean what he can. That he is a Grand Master Open class shooter notwithstanding, he is still growing his personal expression of the art.

And that’s another lesson I learned from him today….

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