Drill of the Week

  1. Grab a tennis ball with your hand, in my case this was the left. Have a partner wrap  it up, hand and all, in duct tape.
  2. Sit in a car. Seat belt on. On the signal, get out of the car. In my case I was in the passenger seat. Yay!
  3. Move to a vehicle forward of yours. There is a dummy down with an obvious compound fracture from a gunshot wound.
  4. Engage two poppers and a standing steel target, one handed, from behind cover, at about 10 yards.
  5. Because they downloaded your mags, you go to slide lock…
  6. One handed reload. Engage targets again.
  7. Then go back to the dummy and start to assess. Then a 30 second warning that you will lose consciousness unless you tourniquet your arm, the one with the tennis ball.
  8. Retrieve your TQ from its carry position, apply it, tighten, and lock it down. All one handed.
  9. Begin treatment of the downed subject…..

2 thoughts on “Drill of the Week”

    1. Agreed – same idea but with knife defense…..then have to TQ a wounded arm or leg.

      Or tape up the primary hand and then have to draw a pistol or knife. A major advantage of appendix carry of the firearm is accessibility to both hands, if one is injured, or if in a ground grapple with the primary tied up.

      The basic “kata” remains the same, the variations are endless, no?


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