Guerilla Approach and the “Industry”

Pistols are designed for close quarters. Inherent with all close quarter fights is the possibility of hand to hand combat. Although you don’t need to be a Jiu-Jitsu master, grappling should still frame your approach with marksmanship exercises.’


Been enjoying the blog at Guerrilla Approach. Besides the above common sense  advice, there are a lot observations on training in general.

This one is golden, regarding “too much Internet” on firing lines.  Oh it’s on the mats, too.

He skewers the status quo in other posts, including in this one on Tactical Maturity.  Just because you actually have a background, which of course isn’t always the case these days in the community of “inexperienced experts,” it doesn’t mean you have achieved any maturity in your subject matter. More people seem more interested in arriving rather than the journey. I’ve directly witnessed several examples recently, people who’ve barely done the work, and barely done the job, setting themselves up as instructors and guides for others with apparently not an ounce of self-awareness or self-reflection.

In the martial arts world, especially in arts like jiujitsu, which prides itself on being pressure tested whether in direct competition or in practical application, the idea of a “fake black belt” is roundly criticized, with “dojo storming” being acceptable and even applauded in such cases, and publicly posted and “liked” with the “instructors” openly derided.

Apparently not so in the tactical world…


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