Tenicor VELO

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I don’t usually do gear reviews – I just don’t have that much exposure to different kinds of gear as I tend to stick with what has worked for me.

But just back from a week of training I found that my order of the Tenicor VELO AIWB holster had arrived.

Why would I buy this gear if I am not, as previously confessed, a “gear guy.”

Well for starters I know Jeff from Tenicor, and he’s a good dude. And though that may suffice for an endorsement in many in “tactical community” circles, there’s more: As a veteran SWAT cop, he’s got real world expertise. And I have previously trained with him at an ECQC, so I know he has legitimate pressure-based training experience as well, and that he has tested his gear under those conditions. He sent me his ARX holster last year, and since I don’t carry OWB (outside the waistband), I handed it to a friend of mine for his take, as he finds AIWB (appendix inside the waistband) uncomfortable. My friend is a serious student of martial disciplines as well as an intensively trained interdisciplinary tactician…

And he loves it.

Looking forward to running the VELO. Already in dry practice I’ve found it comfortable, highly concealable,  and offering an extremely fast drawstroke due to how it sits in the waistband. I find that AIWB carry is well served by soft loops keeping the holster in place and preventing it from coming out with the gun under high-duress pressure testing. I’ve run a few holsters with clips, and eventually, or under higher pressures, and they can come out.

Check out Tenicor if you haven’t already, and see Jeff’s Tenicor Blog as well.




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