Active Threat Rifle Disarms

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There is a Gracie Breakdown of the Waffle House incident, which reviewed a recent event where a hero, James Shaw Jr., bravely disarmed a rifle-armed active shooter.

There are some BIG assumptions made in that video – there was some good stuff, but other things not so well explained or demonstrated. The Inverse Correlation Graph Rener Gracie offered is highly problematic, and in fact irresponsible considering his stature in the Brazilian Jiujitsu community.

Briefly reviewing a number of other offerings in other Youtube videos on the same topic online was disturbing, to say the least….

Here I present some alternatives for disarming a rifle armed attacker. In this class we also addressed “high ready” situations where a shooter may be manipulating his rifle muzzle-up, but we did not video those. Perhaps I’ll present those at a later time.

A key element in any situation of this type is not only what we do, but when. WE CANNOT JUST CHARGE SOMEONE WITH A GUN, ESPECIALLY A RIFLE, IN THE FUTILE HOPE OF DISARMING THEM. Something like that occurred in the Christchurch mosque shooting, and it was heartbreaking to watch on the live feed that the shooter posted. Timing, opportunity, and then decisiveness are most important.

With that in mind, some thoughts on addressing the rifle armed attacker:


Again, I applaud folks in the martial and tactical communities for addressing the issue, but people really need to consider what they are teaching rather than just putting it out there as ‘content’ to get ‘likes’ from people who don’t know what they are looking at, and might rely on an “expert” opinion.

Something I would like to see from the self-annointed self-defense gurus, especially in  offerings involving firearms, is more practical knowledge on how guns actually work, and things to be aware of when in the critical situation of grappling with a gun involved.

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