Strenuous Life on zanshin and Stuff

Having practiced classical grappling arts (including, briefly,  the Takeuchi-ryu with Anthony Abry Shihan), as well as Judo and BJJ, I like the fact that Stephan Kesting gives voice to the traditional elements of jujutsu practice through his friend Alex Kask, a practitioner of the oldest extant Classical Japanese jujutsu – the aforementioned Takeuchi school.

Their discussions tend to be balanced assessments of the differences as well as the overlap between the Old School and modern jujitsu and grappling.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 12.35.00 PM

Here is their latest discussion on Kesting’s Strenuous Life Podcast. Interestingly they talk about ECQC’s Vehicle Borne Jiujitsu, part of the VCAST class, though not by name.

A Shivworks ECQC (Extreme Close Quarters Concepts) or EWO (Edged Weapons Overview) course addresses many of the elements they discuss regarding multiple attackers – that is, attacking with real pressure – use of weapons (full contact with Simunitions pistols in ECQC and with training knives in EWO), all with live striking and grappling.

If you think grappling or kickboxing two opponents is exhausting, try this work.

Personally, in more than twenty years working the streets I’ve found elements of ALL of these things very practical (classical and modern grappling and combatives), during lessons gleaned not from the dojo or academy or the range, but in the very situations we actually train for. Increasingly as I’ve learned, one methodology just seems to fill in the holes and weak spots of the others.




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