Blast from the Past

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 12.48.22 PM

Rich D at FFKG posted this – in 2010!!  A drill modeled on the 2009 Lakewood, Washington police ambush, that I used for a Survival/Counter Ambush class. Airsoft was used for this instead of marking cartridges.

It could be a useful drill for immediate response to active shooter in something like a restaurant as well.


The idea here is to address a surprise attack while dealing with divided attention (the folks at the table have an assignment to discuss), the shooter is unknown until he acts, and with “no shoots” in and around the engagement – something neglected in most range training.

The development of technical skill is through technical practice, and tactical skill through multi-layered tactical practice. They are not the same and our practice should incorporate both on a regular basis.

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