Along with my friends Mike Selin and Rich Daniel, I had the distinct pleasure of assisting Craig Douglas and Larry Lindenman of Shivworks at the Oregon DPSST for a three day course in Extreme Close Quarters Concepts.

It was great reconnecting with Craig and getting to know Larry better as well. Solid professionals teaching a very solid product, one that has been transformative in my own study, training, and application of close quarters combatives. Hadn’t trained with Craig in some four years and the quality of his teaching continues to refine, as does his attention to detail. Learning occurred, and not just with the students.

And what a group of students! They really got to it, ground it out during all the drills and reps and their hard work showed, especially in the final 2 on 1 force-on-force training evolutions.

ECQC is one of the rare courses, especially in the law enforcement community, that pressure tests and proves its POI with legitimate force-on-force drilling rather than rote reproduction of technique. Others have copied some of the technical details, but without the pressure testing, the product is not the same and can’t offer the same lessons.

Craig’s mysterious web of personal connections never ceases to amaze, and after the training wrapped the instructor group headed to Portland, Oregon’s Bible Club for a unique experience. Rick and Jade, true masters of their crafts as well, showed tremendous hospitality and some amazing provisions and libations. Check ’em out, I know I will be from now on.





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