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Ellis Amdur has written this piece on de-escalation at Calibre Press. The concept of de-escalation is simply the latest mantra in “Big LE.” Misunderstood and mis-characterized by proponents as well as its detractors, as far as what, where, and when,  this piece puts some deeper thought into the issue.


Found this older piece on Tactical Stress in police training and high risk operations (and in general…) A key component in preparation for defensive and tactical encounters is understanding the aspects of the stress involved. The reason many cops, soldiers, and trauma victims suffer PTSD is because the stress is different than that of competition, or work stress, or participating in a spelling bee.

Make sure that your training includes a realistic understanding of and preparation for the stress involved.


“In short, realistic training, coupled with real-world experience, can change the brain so it can more quickly subdue stress and fear and respond in a life-saving manner.”

And this one from Force Science (a much quicker read), but you’ll have to search for the original pieces. BTW, anyone purporting to teach self-defense or tactical combatives should read the work of Laurence Gonzalez.


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