Budo Breakdown – Copjitsu

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Well, two posts today because I just saw this one…

While I am sometimes critical of jiujitsu instructors’ analyses of street applications and police control tactics, and in particular with the Gracie Breakdown’s at time broad brush commercialization and apparent lack of understanding of situational awareness involved, they literally hit it out of the park with this one.

This is a fantastic example of jiujitsu in action by a police officer – note at no time does he give up top control or the ability to monitor the surrounding situation, and he eschews a sport jiujitsu approach to submission for one geared to subject control. I’ve never done Gracie Survival Tactics, and many of these techniques are exactly what I teach both professionally and for subject control in our personal defense group, because they serve a tactical versus a sport jiujitsu purpose.

Well done, guys! And in particular to “rookie” Jared Tipton: Thank you for setting an example that far too few officers today can achieve. We need “Big LE” like PERF and Police Chiefs associations and Administrators and Unions to take note and demand this level of ability from their officers and provide them the duty time to develop it.

Note – By way of comparison, please watch the second altercation with another officer occurring simultaneously, starting to the right and ending up in the foreground. The officer does a serviceable takedown, but notice how he immediately becomes tied up with the suspect – basically having thrown himself into a guard?

This isn’t Judo – he doesn’t get the win by ippon, the fight is still on.

He is totally committed, head down, unable to monitor surroundings, appears to be trying to get his head up but suspect is holding him down. He would not even be able to access any less lethal weapons or his firearm if the sudden need arose. He is basically totally ineffectual.

Under different circumstances this would be an extremely precarious position to be in. The side-by-side comparison

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