ShivWorks in the Pac NW

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Folks I’ve already posted regarding the Edged Weapons Overview course that the S.O.B is hosting here next month. That course is FULL!

Our brother in Washington State, all ’round solid multi-disciplinary tactician Eric Davis is hosting Extreme Close Quarters Concepts in Olympia, Washington September 13-15, 2019. You can contact him at

This is a fantastic opportunity to get twice the exposure to Craig Douglas’ coursework and his highly tuned teaching methodology. If you have not experienced Craig you don’t know what you are missing. I credit Craig as a major influence on the Path I have taken in the realm of tactics and combatives, and frankly his coursework with being one of the things that saved my life when it mattered most.

If you are martial artist and not a “gun person,” please consider the edged weapons class – though don’t take too long the last spots are filling. If you carry guns for a living, or even just for protection, ECQC is must-have experience in your tactical toolkit. Get with Eric as soon as you can to sign up. The NW ECQ-crew is as elusive as Sasquatch, you don’t see us (yet…) on the Youtube or in podcasts or in group photos, but you may see a few of them hanging around at these trainings.

Please join us.

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