David Reese at SOB November 2019!


School of Budo is VERY pleased to announce an upcoming seminar in Muay Thai taught by my old friend and Thai boxing coach David Reese!

Dave was my first – and only – Thai boxing coach, some twenty years ago or so. The lessons I learned from him have stayed with me and informed my approach to striking ever since. In addition to his Thai boxing background Dave is a black belt in Ashihara karate, an offshoot of the hard-hitting Kyokushinkai style, and he taught me a bit of that approach as well.

Dave has an impressive resume in Thai boxing – he has fought in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, France, Holland and Japan during a 40 year career in Muay Thai, which included living seven years in Thailand training and fighting out of the Chuwattna and Rompo camps. He trained in Thai weapons arts and Krabi krabong, and even spent time as a monk!

Dave currently lives three months out of each year in Thailand training in at the Fa Group boxing camp – specializing in clinch and knee strikes – and the Sitmonchai camp that emphasizes low kicks and heavy punching.  For this special seminar, he plans on covering the specialties of the Fa camp with lots of clinch and knee work combined with low kicks and set-ups of Sitmonchai. The practicality for self-defensive use is obvious!

Training will be conducted in a format suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

The seminar will be held November 23-24th, 2019. More details on registration will soon be forthcoming and I will link to them here.

And remember, our jiujitsu teacher Tim Cartmell is back in Oregon on Sept 7 and 8th, at the newly School of Budo-fied location in beautiful Hood River, Oregon. 

Lots of learning this Summer going on at SOB!!

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