The Manuevrist Approach

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 6.08.46 AM
Revisiting some old reading and this stood out. It is wholly based in Boyd’s strategic theory, which is in turn based in much older antecedents, and really brings together many things relevant to the practicing tactician.
” The manuevrist approach to operations is one in which shattering the enemy’s overall cohesion and will to fight……is paramount…significant features are momentum and tempo, which in combination lead to shock and surprise.
Emphasis is on the defeat and disruption of the enemy – by taking the initiative, and applying constant and unacceptable pressure at the times and places the enemy least expects – rather than attempting to seize and hold ground for it’s own sake.
It calls for an attitude of mind in which doing the unexpected and seeking originality is combined with ruthless determination to succeed.”
British Defense Doctrine Joint Warfare Publication
Once I’m through the re-read I’ll do a Good Reads review here.

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