In Harm’s Way addresses training and applications enhancing the capabilities of the Adaptive Interdisciplinary tactician:

Armamentarium the aggregate of equipment, methods, and techniques available for carrying out one’s duties;” (Generally used in the medical field, it applies as much or more in the tactical arena).

Included in this category is an emphasis on the discipline of jujutsu (jiujitsu), with an eye toward a broader historical understanding and practical perspective on this amazing method of physical culture and personal combat.

Ethos – character, spirit, and Martial Virtue, past and present.

and Northwest ECQ, on topics relevant to our practice and beyond.

As a “living document,” this space is updated, revised, and re-written as understanding of the craft grows.



  • More than thirty years in combative disciplines: brown belt Jiu-jitsu (Shen Wu/ACE), black belt Kodokan Judo (Obukan Dojo), with studies in classical Japanese and Chinese traditions.
  • Various certifications in arrest and control, defensive tactics, officer survival, and combatives methods from Arrestling, Shivworks, NTOA, and others.
  • More than twenty years in Law Enforcement served in Patrol and SWAT assignments.
  • Instructor in all phases of Active Threat (Active Shooter) Response.
  • Certified Force Science Analyst.
  • Recipient of a Purple Heart, Medal of Valor, and the Washington State Law Enforcement Medal of Honor.




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